Shawn Laughlin

We have been students with Allegro for five years– not just the three children, but me too. Watching them learn, I felt empowered to learn a bit myself, and not being able to read music had always bothered me. It just seemed like a basic that I had somehow missed. It was exciting to see my kids each gain a knowledge that I did not have and could not teach them, and then suddenly I realized I wanted to learn too, so that we could all speak this common language. The way Allegro teachers approach music makes it accessible. It’s encouraging and forgiving, and it makes you feel you can succeed. Learning anything new is hard work, but it’s so rewarding! I watch my children play a piece, I see the seriousness of the effort, I see the pleasure when the piece is played well. Now I share that– the struggle, the frustration, and the thrill of mastering something that involves both your body and your mind. We’re grateful to the teachers for their skill, their encouragement, and their patience!