Gregory G. Harrigle

Since she began attending Allegro Music School, our daughter Sophie (Harrigle) has blossomed in her confidence, knowledge and focus. Her daily violin practices and weekly tutorials with Blanca and Doina have provided her entrance to the enchanting dimension of artistic and self expression. It is clear that she responds naturally to their genuine affection for her and other students. Sophie looks up to them and appreciates their talents and love of this discipline; as parents, we are most grateful to them for this.

Music has been a part of Sophie’s life since she was small, being lulled to sleep each night with classical selections from a CD featuring Brahms, Chopin, and Mozart. Perhaps the alluring beauty of those nocturnes and sonatas has continued to echo in her soul. Not a day passes that she does not regale us with virtual home concerts, where she delights in demonstrating her talents in playing and singing. Indeed, she has expanded her ‘repertoire’ to include other styles of music and dance. Her desire to perform has increased over time, as has her aplomb in doing it. But her deepest impressions, those that will no doubt inspire Sophie’s continued instrumental and vocal exploration of musical arts, will be the gentle encouragement, insightful teaching and practical guidance provided by her mentors and peers at the Allegro Music School.