Under these special circumstances, teaching will continue as usual, but online.
  • Mrs. Debra Daniels
  • Mrs. Margot Heilbronner
  • Mrs. Terri Mac Rae
  • Mrs. Mary Opanasets
  • Mrs. Carmen Perez
  • Mrs. Eleanor Radin
  • Mrs. Ann Schwarz
  • Ms. Kathleen Hogan
  • Mrs. Kristine van Amsterdam
  • Rev. Rebecca Bourret, Christ Lutheran Church
  • Deanne Benson, Head of Leslie Ellis School, Arlington
  • Mr. David Lavalley, Director of TCAN
  • Mrs. Karen Riccardi, Head of Riverbend School, Natick
  • Mrs. Lynn Shevory, Riverbend School, Natick
  • Mr. Duff Bailey, M.D.
  • Mr. Michael Radin
  • Rev. Kathleen Reed
  • Pastor John Strand
  • St. Paul Church


Just one year ago, our elder son began theory study at Allegro Music School with Gil Harel. By September of last year, Kyril, with our approval, decided to have Gil also instruct him in classical ...

-Bob & Sharon McCauley

Our older daughter was an Allegro Music School student for over 8 years and is now playing the violin in her college orchestra. She had wonderful instruction through Allegro and played in the NEC ...

-Cindy Hoyle and Bert Cushman

For the past 10 years, our daughter has been taught piano at Allegro Music School. Mrs. Doina Simovici has been an exceptional teacher. She has helped our daughter become a sensitive, artistic and ...

-Ted and Catalina Bililies

I have been with Allegro Music School since the second grade, making this year my eleventh and final. Since starting, music has always been a part of my life, and in fourth grade I was inspired to ...

-Ben Williams

Allegro music school provides the ideal environment for our daughter’s love of music, more specifically, playing the piano. With strong encouragement and appropriate structure, our daughter has ...

-Kelly S