We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

Allegro Music School

Our school is a community music school open to people of all ages and backgrounds who seek to discover and develop their musical interest. We believe that music is a very important part of education and our goal is to nurture a life-long love of music and joy in music making. To accomplish this, we provide:

  • Enthusiastic, experienced instructors, working musicians who love teaching
  • Frequent public performance opportunities to bring music into our community
  • Free musicianship enrichment classes open to all enrolled students

Our school is a community of music-makers, where students can discover how music will continually enrich their lives.
Lessons take place at three convenient locations (see below). By teaching in several locations and offering several student concerts throughout the year we intend to serve the large communities of Natick, Framingham, and Arlington, Massachusetts.

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I have been with Allegro Music School since the second grade, making this year my eleventh and final. Since starting, music has always been a part of my life, and in fourth grade I was inspired to take up the alto saxophone, an instrument that I have not put down since. Identifying as a pianist helped build my capacity for discipline, my ability to learn, and my self-confidence. Thank you, ...

-Ben Williams

When your child says how when he has kids, he'll take them to Ms. Simovici for piano lessons, you know you and your children have met a great teacher. Our chidren's past year, their first, with Ms. Simovici has been wonderful, blessed with Ms. Simovici's love for music and love for children and for teaching children. She isn't just expertly knowledgeable about our children's musical abilities; ...

-Xiaolu Hsi

We salute you for your energy, and for your ability to teach and inspire. Kudos to you, the faculty and the students for work brilliantly done, and our best wishes for even greater success in the next five years.

-Jay Ball

We love Allegro Music School! Doina Simovici is a wonderfully gifted teacher who makes learning piano fun, each and every week. Congratulations and thank you to everyone at Allegro Music School.

-Jennie and Harold Kaplan

It has been a joy for us to witness Hannah's musical ability develop over the past 4 years of piano instruction with Doina Simovici of Allegro Music School. The repertoire has been lovely, diverse and a joy to learn. The frequency of recitals provide valuable practice in performance and builds confidence. Most important, the caring environment provided by Mrs. Simovici and her passion ...

-Jennifer Takasaki