We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

We are the music makers... and we are the dreamers of dreams

Allegro Music School

Our school is a community music school open to people of all ages and backgrounds who seek to discover and develop their musical interest. We believe that music is a very important part of education and our goal is to nurture a life-long love of music and joy in music making. To accomplish this, we provide:

  • Enthusiastic, experienced instructors, working musicians who love teaching
  • Frequent public performance opportunities to bring music into our community
  • Free musicianship enrichment classes open to all enrolled students

Our school is a community of music-makers, where students can discover how music will continually enrich their lives.
Lessons take place at three convenient locations (see below). By teaching in several locations and offering several student concerts throughout the year we intend to serve the large communities of Natick, Framingham, and Arlington, Massachusetts.

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I have been with Allegro Music School since the second grade, making this year my eleventh and final. Since starting, music has always been a part of my life, and in fourth grade I was inspired to take up the alto saxophone, an instrument that I have not put down since. Identifying as a pianist helped build my capacity for discipline, my ability to learn, and my self-confidence. Thank you, ...

-Ben Williams

Since she began attending Allegro Music School our daughter Sophie (Harrigle) has blossomed in her confidence, knowledge and focus. Her daily violin practices and weekly tutorials with Blanca and Doina have provided her entrance to the enchanting dimension of artistic and self expression. It is clear that she responds naturally to their genuine affection for her and other students. ...

-Gregory G. Harrigle

The Allegro school has transformed the way children view music. Allegro offers so many opportunities for children to perform where personal best is the goal, not perfect performance. Allegro teaches every aspect of music including music theory and composition, not just memorizing a piece. The teachers truly love children and teaching them music.

-Dale Sinesi

Our older daughter was an Allegro Music School student for over 8 years and is now playing the violin in her college orchestra. She had wonderful instruction through Allegro and played in the NEC Preparatory Orchestras since Middle School. Now our younger daughter is pursuing the harp and just loves it! Thank you, Allegro for bringing the joy of music to our daughters.

-Cindy Hoyle and Bert Cushman

Just one year ago, our elder son began theory study at Allegro Music School with Gil Harel. By September of last year, Kyril, with our approval, decided to have Gil also instruct him in classical piano performance for his instrumental honors class. In just nine months, the quality of Kyril's playing has improved tremendously, such that he should be well prepared for college auditions in the area ...

-Bob & Sharon McCauley